Security Conference

for professional developers

WHERE Stockholm, Sweden Rival

Security for Developers

Do you know how to avoid security flaws in your code and systems?

Software security is complex, but it's an integral part of robust software design and implementation. Get insight of how security best practice leads to improved quality of your system as a whole, eventually increasing the throughput of your team.

We've gathered the absolute elite among security experts to teach you ALL about the latest security threats that developers must know about. Experts who work with security reviews and penetration tests on a daily basis. They will perform live hacks, describing how attackers exploit security vulnerabilities in applications and systems, and (of course) show you plenty of cool live demos. Most importantly, based on this new knowledge, they will explain how you as a developer can build secure systems.

You will be served a jam-packed conference day, containing two tracks with a bunch of different sessions, and exclusively, for the first time live on stage, a full disclosure of details behind the serious vulnerability in Apple's OS X, Rootpipe, found by the Swedish hacker Emil Kvarnhammar.

Join us at Security Conference 2015 in Stockholm - a conference full of technical sessions about security for developers, brought to you by Øredev and TrueSec.


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