Secure APIs – Using identity management to handle mobile and cloud challenges

In order to securely expose data to mobile devices, cloud services, and other consumers, it is essential that your organization can answer two fundamental questions before allowing access to its data:

  • Who is it that is requesting the data?
  • What should the requester be allowed to do with this data?

Only after these question are known, can your organization comfortably provide access its information.

The number of applications attempting to consume data is exploding; the number of identities that users and devices have is also growing at staggering rates. Using all of these identities and applications together is resulting in a large number of possible combination where the answer to these fundamental questions may differ. To cope with this, a modern approach to Identity and Access Management (IAM) is needed.

In this talk, Travis Spencer will explain:

  • What modern IAM standards exist, and which should be part of your IT infrastructure;
  • How can these standards be assembled into a platform that will answer these fundamental questions;
  • How can existing IAM investments can be combined with new ones, avoiding waste and breaking changes;
  • How the same platform infrastructure can be used to provide public (open) access to data and for more restricted use cases (e.g., for employees, partners, etc.); and
  • How your company can establish a security platform on which others can securely transact business regardless of user, device type, device owner, and location.

Attendees will leave with a better understanding of how security can enable the business to provide better User Experience (UX), enhanced protections, and modern delivery of data access through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

Location: Konferenssal Rivalen Date: 28th May 2015 Time: 3:00 pm - 3:40 pm Travis Spencer